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Lee dominates Doyle, ends match in the first round.

Updated: Feb 25

Hunter Lee took complete control in his 69Kg preliminary match against Aldon Doyle. The fight did not go beyond the first round, due to a first-round stoppage by Doyle and his coach, allowing Lee to easily grab his first win of the competition.

Lee's (in red) composure and focus were evident all throughout the fight.

Doyle anxiously bounced around the ring looking for an opening, while Lee barely moved, studying his opponent. The first flurry of punches was efficient and precise, staggering Doyle. Without skipping a beat Doyle jumped right back in to return the exchange, while some landed, most were blocked or countered.

After trading a few blows Lee went in on the offensive, forcing Doyle in corners and onto the ropes. although Lee was conservative with his punches, well over 60% landed, a significant amount was to the face.

After the first match finished Doyle's coach made the smart decision and cut the match short. As predicted, the experience gap between the two fighters was too much for Doyle to handle. Doyle managed to get in a few jabs and hooks, however, Lee was in control of the entire round.

Lee seemed unchanged from shadowboxing by the ring to when he entered it. After the quick match, Hunter was back to jumping ropes just a couple minutes later (literally).

By no means is Doyle a poor fighter, he did what he could and will certainly improve. This match was more a testament to Hunter Lee's skill and ability.

Hunter Lee (R) gets his first win at the 2020 Brampton Cup in his match against Aldon Doyle (L)

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