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Brampton Cup 2020, Who to Watch?

Updated: Feb 25

The 2020 Brampton Cup is being hosted this weekend, January 31st-February 2nd. Registration is now locked and the draw was just held on Monday, January 27 at noon.

There are 526 registered athletes, ranging from fighters with over 100 bouts to novices not reaching 10 bouts, all across many weight classes and age groups. When I looked at the list, my first thought was "Who is who? who will put on the best show? Does anyone stand out?"

This week, I took some time to research some fighters and see which match-ups will result in a memorable fight. I decided to focus on the "Elite Open" category as it is filled with several provincial and national champions, members of Team Canada and many other impressive fighters. Here is my list of which matchups you will not want to miss.

Session #1 - Friday 1 PM

Hunter Lee (Red) v.s Aldon Doyle (Blue) 64-69Kg - Ring #2 Bout #12

On paper, Hunter Lee is a very impressive fighter, who has won 2 national and 6 provincial championships. He has 115 amateur fights under his belt and he is planning on going pro.

Unfortunately for others in his weight division, he is as good in the ring as he is on paper. At 20, Hunter is leading classes at his gym, while still practicing and fighting throughout the province. His impressive record sets him up to be the favourite.

Aldon Doyle will be the first to face Hunter in the Brampton Cup. undoubtedly Doyle is the rookie in this fight, with only 11 bouts, meaning he just left the novice category. Although Aldon had some impressive fights since his debut in August 2018, the experience gap will be a major challenge for Aldon to overcome.

That being said, despite Hunter being heavily favoured, I believe Aldon will put up a good fight, giving us an interesting bout.

Session #2 - Friday 7 PM

Natali Fagan (Red) vs. Nikita Abbott (Blue) 64-69Kg Ring #2 Bout#12 (Red Withdrew)

The fight will be a rematch for this pair, as they fought at the Tokyo Olympic qualifier a month ago in Montreal. Both fighters have very impressive records, with international experience and multiple wins throughout the previous decade.

Nikita Abbott has won a silver gloves championship and made it to the semifinals of the national boxing qualifier. She continues her training at the Brantford Black Eye boxing club and aims for the 2024 Olympics.

In the red corner, is a fighter that has proven herself several times over. Winning all 3 international championships in which she participated, each with a TKO. Several provincial championships (Nova Scotia) and she is a part of team Canada. Natali Fagan will be an interesting fighter to watch this weekend.

The match is not one you want to miss. Unfortunately, with only 4 entries in their division, this bracket will be over quite quickly.

Update: As of January 29th Natali Fagan has withdrawn from the competition.

Thomas Blumenfield vs. Marvik Ruiz Alvarado 60-64Kg Ring#2 Bout#25

This match will be a must-see from Friday night.

Thomas Blumenfeld is the most well-seasoned male athlete perhaps in the entire tournament. Not only is he a 5-time national champion, but he has won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games.

In a 2018 interview with the CBC, Blumenfeld estimates that he had around 150 bouts, as he said: "after 100, I just lost count." By 2020 it's safe to assume he's closer to 200.

Blumenfeld trains with other members of Team Canada at the Olympic training center in Montreal, giving him access to the best facilities, coaches, and sparring partners. Upon learning all this, I was wondering who'd be unfortunate enough to match up against him.

After the draw on Monday, I was happy to see that the "unfortunate" one would be Marvik Ruiz Alvarado, with Crandall university from New Brunswick.

I was excited because, after Thomas, Marvik would be the runner-up in terms of an impressive career. He came to Canada from Sinaloa, Mexico, where he had racked up two golden glove championships, a national silver, and bronze, as well as a state and regional title.

The recorded 24 bouts for Alvarado seem a bit misleading, as he has only been in Canada since August 2019. Since coming he has won a gold medal in a tournament in Mexico while representing his University in October.

No matter the result, this fight will be fascinating and intense.

This will be an exciting week!

These are the athletes that caught my eye while skimming the draw schedule. All of them have a proven record and are sure to put on a great show. I am sure other fighters will deliver good fights

I will be attending the tournament this weekend so I will be sure to post results and some match recaps. Subscribe to receive more content on this tournament and futures ones coming up.

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