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Blumenfeld V Alvarado: Save the best for... First?

Updated: Feb 25

Brampton, On - After a hard-fought match Blumenfeld takes the win with a unanimous decision victory over Alvarado. Despite the 3-0 ruling, the match was far from a beatdown.

Thomas Blumenfeld came into the ring prepared and confident

Thomas Blumenfeld came in the ring with confidence that is well deserved, considering his accomplished career. However, his confidence was rapidly replaced with intensity when Alvarado delivered several powerful punches, with speed and accuracy that caught Blumenfeld off guard.

Unfortunately for Alvarado, he quickly regained his composure and fixed his stance. The rest of the match was a showdown between Blumenfeld's agility and experience against Alvarado's strength and ferocity.

When Alvarado (right) landed his punches, they landed hard

For every punch that Alvarado landed, Blumenfeld dodged twice as many, but when they did land the power made up for the ones that missed. Every time Blumenfeld dodged he delivered a quick volley, a jab to the face or a hook in the gut. The two rarely paused and if they did, it lasted mere seconds. With both fighters quick on their feet, the fight went from corner to corner, rope to rope, only stopping at the blow of the whistle.

Blumenfeld's agility and technique secured the 3-0 score

At first glance, it was a very close fight. Both boxers landed great shots and got pushed into ropes and corners. Looking back at the fight, it is evident that Blumenfeld was the more experienced fighter and rightfully got the 3-0. His technique and ability showed through in this match.

Regardless, Alvarado gave Blumenfeld the toughest fight of the week. Alvarado came from New Brunswick representing Crandall University. He has plenty of room to grow, as Alvarado said, "I think I can do better... but I am in University [and] the level of competition is not the same, this is high level."

Despite the loss Marvik was in high spirits and happy with his performance

This fight ended up as one of my favourites from the Brampton Cup, even though it was the preliminaries. Both fighters were at their best and put on an amazing show, I am looking forward to catching more of them in future events.

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